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To submit Zavemydocs Client's Registration Form, the following steps should have already been performed:

Step 1

Click or visit How to Subscribe Zavemydocs!

Step 2:  Attend FREE ZAVEMYDOCS DEMO SITE ORIENTATION, click or visit FREE Zavemydocs Tax Clinic http://iknowphilippinetax.webs.com/freezavemydocstaxclinic.htm;

Step 3: Click or visit Zavemydocs Registration Form http://pinoytaxnirc.webs.com/zavemydocsregistrationform.htm;

Step 4. Submit Zavemydocs Registration Form by filling up the required information below:


Submit names of at least five (5) authorized system users who can edit (can upload, edit or delete any document) or view (can upload but cannot edit or delete any document).

Additional charge of P1,000.00 per additional system user in excess of five (5) system users.

In case of change in any function of any system user, please resubmit this form for updating.

Thank you.

Your submission is now subject to evaluation and we will give you feedback soonest.

To safeguard the confidentiality of your documents, your authorized system users of Zavemydocs shall be provided with email address .....@zavemydocs.com which will be used to gain access to the system.

For more details, contact the following Zavemydocs Service Providers:

Dante Mobile No. +639177000768 or email to pinoytax2@zavemydocs.com
Dandy Mobile No. +639274538080 or email to pinoytax3@zavemydocs.com

Terence Mobile No. +639154020415 or email to 
Christine Mobile No. +639175357356 or email to 

Tiffany Mobile No. +639157463105 or email to pinoytax6@zavemydocs.com    

Zavemydocs Administrator:  pinoytax5b@zavemydocs.com